Tragic Links Synopsis

“Back there at the church,” Jolene said, “I was hiding.” But Stephan, the handsome boy who lives next door to her Grandma Rose in Montreal, knows otherwise. And so Jolene divulges their family secret – the ability to time travel through time creases. But Stephan, unlike Jolene’s twin brother Michael and their grandfather, is unable to accompany her to the roaring 1920s, where she has discovered Poppy, her double. Despite Stephan’s warnings that a doppelgänger can be an omen of death, Jolene insists on spending time with her new friends in the past. In the present, inspired by Stephan, who has recently discovered his Mohawk roots, she constructs her family tree while her father researches the Quebec Bridge collapse of 1907, and her mother and grandmother resurrect an age-old feud. When Jolene’s romance with Stephan is threatened, Jolene escapes to a silent movie at a children’s matinee in the twenties. But the theatre is anything but silent when a fire breaks out and panic ensues. Overcome by her narrow escape and reeling from grief, Jolene returns home to an uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner where she unsuccessfully attempts to reconcile her mother and grandmother. Her anxiety is heightened during a visit to Quebec City when Stephan disappears. Knowing how desperate he is to meet the Mohawk skywalkers working on the bridge, Jolene, Michael and Grandpa return to the past and watch horrified as the bridge collapses. With a new understanding of family and friends, Jolene returns to Montreal where she completes her family tree, learning in the process how tragically linked to the past she really is.


One on One Synopsis

One on One Cover

Over the years, Sean has grown to resent his father’s perfectionism and interference in his hockey. He faces enough pressure dealing with the goaltending competition to make the Mustangs. However, he’s determined to give it his best shot and do it his way, even if that doesn’t satisfy his father. After all, his father isn’t perfect. He’s being charged with negligence following a fatal accident on one of his wellsites. Is his father guilty? As Sean learns more and more about completions rigs through a science project, he begins to wonder if his father isn’t trying to cover something up. But his thoughts are on hockey and Laura, his prospective girlfriend, and relations with his father are the last thing he wants to deal with. And then he learns that, having worked at his father’s office last summer, he might possess evidence critical to the investigation. As tensions with his father reach a climax, Sean must decide whether or not he will testify against his father and what the consequences of that action might be.

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Offside Synopsis

Offside cover

Joel didn’t intend to get his hockey team, the Falcons, hooked on Sinus Minus, his wacky stepmother’s favourite cold remedy. In fact, the guys, including his best friend Ryan, got hooked on the stuff by accident. He never dreamed that they would develop a psychological dependence on the stuff, but the Falcons can’t lose when Joel furnishes the team with the Ziploc baggies of fine white powder. At first, Joel isn’t too concerned. After all, it’s just a perfectly legal, over-the-counter cold medicine. But when Ryan’s mom tries to commit suicide using a seemingly harmless drug, Joel knows that he has to wean the team off Sinus Minus. However, things get complicated when the guys lose to the last place team without the stuff and his stepmother, Lise, gets the guys involved in a Say No to Drugs campaign fundraiser. And then there’s Valerie, the synchronized skater of his dreams, whom he can’t seem to connect with. How will he ever succeed in weaning the Falcons off the stuff, without losing the championship? Offside blends Canada’s love affair with hockey and the gritty realities of legal drug use in a comic, yet serious narrative.

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Stormstruck Synopsis

Stormstruck Cover

Once again we meet Jolene and her twin brother Michael, this time in an RV on the shores of the Great Lakes, where her father and grandfather are conducting research into the Great Storm of 1913. Away from home, twelve-year-old Jolene feels fragile and lost, lacking a sure sense of direction in her life. When Grandpa discovers a time crease that enables them to step back into 1913, Jolene embraces the opportunity, feeling that she may find some help for her self-doubts in witnessing an earlier time. At first, however, the past offers no answers. Jolene’s high-spirited new friend Em is a total mystery, and her ardent support of the suffragettes reinforces Jolene’s self-doubts. Then Em inadvertently leads the twins onto the Regina as the ship sails onto Lake Huron and into the Great Storm. When the order to abandon the sinking ship comes, they manage to escape and spend a night clinging to a raft in frigid waters. With her twin brother injured, Jolene is forced to draw on all her resources to allow the threesome to survive. In the process, she discovers her inner strength and a new passion for life.

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Shadows of Disaster Synopsis

Shadows of Disaster Cover

“Sometimes it’s good to take a risk.” Twelve-year-old Jolene knows that her grandfather’s words are true, but she’s not a risk-taker like her twin brother. Frustrated, Jolene convinces herself that it would be easier to take risks if she were a boy. Her grandfather disagrees, but then her father thinks her grandfather might be as crazy as his old stories. For her part, Jolene thinks her father, who’s trying to preserve history in a Museum of Disasters, is the crazy one. Jolene learns the truth when they take a trip to the Crowsnest Pass to research the Frank Slide, and she discovers that her grandfather has found a way to step back into time. In 1903, disguised as a boy, Jolene must face the wrath of an impatient teacher, challenge her ability as a gymnast, and disentangle herself from an embarrassing love triangle. She must also face the fact that the generous people of the town of Frank are living in the path of disaster and she cannot save them. She can, however, save herself and her grandfather and does so in a desperate race against time. But the lessons of the past are not lost in the present. Jolene discovers a way to revitalize her father’s museum by preserving the story in history, and she prepares herself to take a few risks herself – as a girl.

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Chaos in Halifax Synopsis

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“I wish I wasn’t a twin.” Twelve-year-old Jolene is determined to find independence from her brother, Michael, during a family trip to research the Halifax explosion of 1917 for her father’s Museum of Disasters. When her grandfather finds a time crease into the past, Jolene discovers a new friend and the importance of family and loyalty in a world torn apart by World War I. When Michael joins them, however, the past suddenly becomes much more complicated. He inadvertently threatens Jolene’s friendship with a grieving family, and his careless comments spark speculation that they are spies. Together, the twins try to reconcile the honour and horrors of the Great War as they struggle with the knowledge that their new friends are living in the area soon to be devastated by the explosion. Jolene knows they can’t change history, but Michael is determined to try and leads them into the midst of the danger that threatens Halifax on themorning of December 6, 1917. In the harbour, the Mont Blanc, laden with explosives, collides with the Imo and bursts into flames. Minutes later, two thousand are dead, and nine thousand more are injured or trapped in shattered burning buildings. The day that changed Halifax forever also changes Jolene and her twin brother.