Tragic Links Synopsis

“Back there at the church,” Jolene said, “I was hiding.” But Stephan, the handsome boy who lives next door to her Grandma Rose in Montreal, knows otherwise. And so Jolene divulges their family secret – the ability to time travel through time creases. But Stephan, unlike Jolene’s twin brother Michael and their grandfather, is unable to accompany her to the roaring 1920s, where she has discovered Poppy, her double. Despite Stephan’s warnings that a doppelgänger can be an omen of death, Jolene insists on spending time with her new friends in the past. In the present, inspired by Stephan, who has recently discovered his Mohawk roots, she constructs her family tree while her father researches the Quebec Bridge collapse of 1907, and her mother and grandmother resurrect an age-old feud. When Jolene’s romance with Stephan is threatened, Jolene escapes to a silent movie at a children’s matinee in the twenties. But the theatre is anything but silent when a fire breaks out and panic ensues. Overcome by her narrow escape and reeling from grief, Jolene returns home to an uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner where she unsuccessfully attempts to reconcile her mother and grandmother. Her anxiety is heightened during a visit to Quebec City when Stephan disappears. Knowing how desperate he is to meet the Mohawk skywalkers working on the bridge, Jolene, Michael and Grandpa return to the past and watch horrified as the bridge collapses. With a new understanding of family and friends, Jolene returns to Montreal where she completes her family tree, learning in the process how tragically linked to the past she really is.