One on One Synopsis

One on One Cover

Over the years, Sean has grown to resent his father’s perfectionism and interference in his hockey. He faces enough pressure dealing with the goaltending competition to make the Mustangs. However, he’s determined to give it his best shot and do it his way, even if that doesn’t satisfy his father. After all, his father isn’t perfect. He’s being charged with negligence following a fatal accident on one of his wellsites. Is his father guilty? As Sean learns more and more about completions rigs through a science project, he begins to wonder if his father isn’t trying to cover something up. But his thoughts are on hockey and Laura, his prospective girlfriend, and relations with his father are the last thing he wants to deal with. And then he learns that, having worked at his father’s office last summer, he might possess evidence critical to the investigation. As tensions with his father reach a climax, Sean must decide whether or not he will testify against his father and what the consequences of that action might be.

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