Shadows of Disaster trivia

Did You Know?

In my mind, Frank Slide, although a horrible disaster is a slide of miracles. Here are some of the miracles that occurred that night:

Of the 100 people in the path of the slide, approximately 30 people survived.

A mining horse, Old Charlie, buried for a month in the mine’s tunnels, lived.

All of the miners working the night shift, who were completely entombed inside the mine during the slide, survived. Only one was injured. Two others who were at the entrance to the mine were killed.

On April 28th, a day before the slide, the railway construction crew in Frank pulled out. Their replacements were supposed arrive in Frank by train on the morning of the 28th, but the engineer of the train missed their stop. As a result, they were not in the camp on the night of the slide; had they been, they would have been killed.

A baby living in the path of the slide was thrown from her crib and landed on a hay bale from the stable. She was found the next morning completely unharmed, only cold and hungry.

There is another large fissure at the top of Turtle Mountain. Scientists believe that the mountain will slide again, but not in the direction of the towns in the Crowsnest Pass. High-tech sensory motion detectors have been placed on the mountain to monitor any movement.

There is so much rock in Frank Slide that the bodies of those people buried were not recovered.

The bank reported to be under the slide was not actually buried.

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