Stormstruck trivia

Did you know?

In the midst of the chaos and confusion on the night of November 9th, some of the bodies of the sailors from the Charles S. Price, which overturned,  washed ashore wearing life preservers from the Regina. Noone knows what happened in the tempest on Lake Huron to produce this scenario.

Most of the ships that sunk during the Great Storm have been found by divers and it is interesting to note that the shipwreck of the Regina remains anchored near the American side of Lake Huron.

The diary of the Regina’s captain was recovered, intact and legible, a year later when his body washed ashore. It was frozen solid, but when museum staff thawed it, they were able to read the entries. Unfortunately, no entries were made in the final few days of the storm.

One sailor’s body was identified by his father as John Thompson, who had been aboard the Carruthers. A funeral was held; however, John arrived home in the middle of his own funeral service, having changed ships and waited out the storm in Toronto.

A seaman by the name of Milton Smith, was troubled by strong premonitions prior to the departure of the Price and left the ship, thereby escaping disaster.

Goderich was once visited by the queen, who declared it to be Canada’s prettiest town. I haven’t visited all Canadian towns, but Goderich is a beautiful place, built around a central octagon and full of beautiful old homes.

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