Website Feedback

Thank you to everyone who checked out my new website and provided me with feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive. There are still a few glitches for those of you using Safari and my website designer is working hard to rectify these. In the meantime, a temporary solution appears to be to click on refresh if the site does not behave itself, and it usually becomes more cooperative. If anyone experiences other difficulties, I would really appreciate hearing exactly what’s happening and what browser and version you are using to access this site as this appears to be critical information for my designer.

Constructing a website has been an interesting process, especially because I needed one site to do so many things. I wanted it to be fun and informative, appeal to children and adults, and be useful to students and teachers. I knew also that I really wanted the site to reflect me and all my roles, which again are varied. But I like variety, in fact I thrive on variety, which is one of the reasons I write. In my writing, I have permission to explore and write about any topic I choose or even one that chooses me. Students often ask me where my ideas come from, but unlike some writers, ideas are rarely a stumbling block for me. I have a book full of ideas that have yet to be fleshed out into stories. Some may never be, but that probably isn’t a bad thing either, because some of the ideas don’t deserve to be. Ideas and stories that I return to again and again, the ones that haunt me, are the ones that eventually get written. Putting them down in point form and then waiting to see which ones preoccupy me is one of the best ways for me to informally evaluate them. If they don’t grab me, I’m pretty sure they won’t grab an editor or reader. So, it really is a good thing my life is so busy outside my writing life because the restrictions on my time function as a natural editor, and that’s a handy thing to have!